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Today, in the technology era where we are completely relying on the internet for everything. While communicating with the others through email or voice chat, shopping, banking, playing online games and many other spheres we are depended on the internet. So, there always remain the chances that your system might get infected or someone is eyeing on your online activities. The cybercriminals are always looking for the opportunity to access your confidential data or the credit card information from the other side of the world.

Cyber Attacks Statistics

  • - In June, Attacks percentage rank with 78.2%, very close to the value recorded in May (80%)
  • - Malware leads the known Attack Techniques, and thanks to ransomware, its percentage soars to 37.4% from 25.4% in May.
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Sushkom free antivirus provides you 100% safe and secure real-time protection. It scans for malware and performance issues. It gets real-time protection and security updates. Not only this, but it also catches harmful Trojan horse, spyware, Adware, ransomware and many other new viruses and threats before they reach your device. It's gentle with your Operating system and cruel against threats. Not only this, it's spontaneous to install and use.


Extremely dangerous, Rootkit, hides deep into your device and offer access to all your folders to a remote user, who can misuse the available data. Sushkom Antivirus with its advanced Rootkit detection technology identifies and removes any Rootkit that is hidden in your device.

Scheduler Scan

Allows you to set up automatic scanning the device. You can choose the mode (quick or full scan) & frequency of scanning. After the scan, the complete scan status of your device is provided with total scanned files including the infected and disinfected.

Advanced Real-Time Protection

Protects your device from any kind of malicious files by a constant scan of external drives and downloaded files if any. The scan engine continuously monitors your device to offer advanced protection from dangerous virus, Trojan, Malware, and spyware.

System Optimizer

Helps you to find and delete all the unnecessary files to enhance a system performance: You can remove all unnecessary online activity, junk files, and history, etc. It’s a one of the complete antivirus which can remove spyware, boost your slow PC, system cleaner, and update drivers.


Allows you to set-up a blacklist of websites and e-mail addresses that have been seen in phishing activity and spam mailings. In Anti-spam, you can set the filter by the sender, recipient, title, or subject. This will considerably reduce the probability of getting unwanted emails.


With Sushkom Antivirus, improve the performance of your as it cleans your device & removes the virus and other unnecessary files. This antivirus will prevent your device from slowing down. Regular scanning boosts the performance of your device and also lowers the risk of potential threats.

Secure your online internet surfing

Have you ever encountered with data breaches, or the marketers tracking your credit card details? In the digital world, we are more inclined towards the internet for online transaction; uploading picture or videos in the social media; shopping; and for lot more online activities. The cybercriminals on the other hand wait for the nice opportunity to intercept or hack your data.

Sushkom Antivirus software secures your entire online internet surfing as well as protects you from the harmful malware, viruses, spyware, and key loggers.

Sushkom virus removal act as a watchdog to keep the malicious software at bay by securing your confidential data and information. Apart from that, through internet security software, it averts you on suspicious website transaction. It is available in extensions on your Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

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Provide Real-Time protection through Guard

Sushkom Antivirus software provides you with the real-time protection which detects the harmful viruses and other malware which tries to get into your system. It works in the background while you continue working online. It analyses your computer system from the suspicious activity in real-time as well as notifies you about the malicious software.

Allocate Mail protection

Often, we receive unwanted emails from certain websites which we have never subscribed or spam links. So, through Sushkom Antivirus you can now secure all your incoming as well as outgoing emails entirely. It blocks spam emails as well as go for email filtering, which omit the offensive or vulgar content.

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