4 Major Android VPN Apps Contains Adware

Recently we published new about Kaspersky found malware in popular CamScanner app and Google removed 24 malware-infected apps from play store.

But this is not the end of malware, there is evidence of new viruses or security breaches every day.
Just now, Andy Michael, an independent security researcher from New Zealand, has published the Adware report from the Google Play Store apps. According to him, some of the major VPN apps, which have 500+ million users, show ads not only in the background while runner the app but capture home screen also.

The names of the apps that have appeared this time are: Hotspot VPN, Free VPN Master, Secure VPN, and Security Master by Cheetah Mobile. People use these apps for blocked sites, IP location change or to hide their identity. All these apps are operated by HongKong and Chinese companies. These apps are breaking the user’s trust by showing full-screen ads while running the app in the background or foreground.

Secure VPN shows ads and hides other icons even when a user is accessing other apps. This not only disturbs user activity but also increase battery usage and CPU consumption of mobile. This also records user screen and ad activity.

Security Master app mostly shows ads when a user tries to go back to the home screen or click some other options.

For the Cheetah Mobile app this is not the first time it is caught in some fraud activity, earlier it was engaged in click fraud.

Hotspot VPN app uses Google and Facebook ads with full screen and background ads when the app is not in use.

Free VPN Master by Freemaster 2019, it’s source code almost the same as the Hotspot app, using Google and Facebook API advertisements. It also records the behavior of the user.

Though Google policies are very strict regarding fraud and user security but still app owners don’t care about it.

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