Protect Yourself with the Best Antivirus Programs- Sushkom Antivirus

Nowadays, only the best antivirus software products can detect all threats that are known, identify potential risks quickly, and remove all malware that might have already been picked up by your device. They can also block malware that might make attempts to get into your PCs or laptops using various methods like chat, email, external devices, P2P file sharing, network connections, disks, and websites. Most importantly, they can do this in the background, without devouring all of your resources that are needed for other things.

Every year, the security products and antivirus tend to offer the best, but there is the Sushkom Antivirus that is available in the market.

Sushkom Antivirus is providing the vest real-time defense against all possible viruses, Trojans, spyware as well as other threats.

Complete antivirus functionality: Defends the PC from spyware, malware, threats, adware and other types of threats. The main function is detection, removing, and quarantining of viruses and curing files.

Self dense: Removes the possibility of disabling the protection of your device as a result of the forced stop using the “Task Manager”.

Real-time protection by Guard: Check files in real-time and detects the malware, viruses and other threats that are trying to enter the device.

Mail Protection: Checks input and outgoing e-mail. It also detects the infected or rogue inbound attachments so they can’t damage your device.

Scheduler: Allows to set up automatically scanning of the device. You can choose the mode (quick or full scan) and frequency of scanning (hourly, one time, daily, weekly or monthly).

Heuristic Analysis Algorithm: Checks the files on similar characteristics upon detection of a certain number of similar data and makes the decision that is there any virus in the file or not.

Web-Filter: Blocking the dangerous websites, content on suspicious websites, and also creating own list of blocked websites. Web-filter has two modes of work: blocking downloads and site blocking from the website.

Application-Level Firewall: Firewall controls the access of applications to the network. Sets the rules for applications that require access to the Internet as for both incoming and outgoing traffic. There are two modes of work: interactive and automatic. It also protects the device from hacker attacks.

Anti-Spam: Permits to make the flexible adjustment of the blocked messages. You can set the filter by the sender, recipient, title, or subject. This will significantly reduce the probability of receiving unwanted emails.

Perfect antivirus software that offers real-time protection

Sushkom Antivirus is the fastest and more efficient than other solutions in the market. There is a lot of security software available in the market but Sushkom Antivirus is more efficient for you. So, choose the right antivirus for your device.

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