How to Remove AIGPUSniffer Trojan?

AIGPUSniffer is a kind of supplementary process related to Adope and its products – such as Adobe illustrator, Adobe bridge, Adobe Creative Cloud. It simply checks the compatibility with the app that the users are trying to open and it has been one of the common among Mac users who updated their system to macOS Mojave.

One of the common errors that Mac users face is “AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly”. It is caused during any of the Adobe products’ updates. In other words, those who use outdated version of Adobe software might get this error unexpectedly.

Originally, AIGPUSniffer is created in order to check the GPU efficiency and compatibleness with the apps that users attempting to open.

Possible Reasons to AIGPUSniffer Error

  • The error “AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly” occurs when there is an update related to any of the Adobe products in Mac.
  • The error could be persisted for a longer time, if, for example, Adobe illustrator is not being installed entirely from the system.

How to Prevent Getting Such Error?

  • You must beware of fake Adobe flash updates that could be installed with dangerous malware on your system.
  • It is highly recommended that you must use security software that can prevent virus attacks while having fake updates in Adobe products.

Steps to Remove or Uninstall AIGPUSniffer Virus

    • Download & Install Sushkom Antivirus.

    • Start a Quick scan, full scan or Custom files scan.

    • Soon the scan will start to find AIGPUSniffer malware

    • As virus is detected you will get option to delete the file or quarantine it.
    • Additionally, you may choose Anti-spam control option to protect your device in future. Adjust protection settings for mail and internet browsing for full safety.

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