How to remove Win32:evo-gen Trojan?

Win32:evo-gen is a kind of  threat that targets the core system of Windows in order to complete its tasks it meant for. This is a sort of typical malware that was made to execute a sequence of commands once it intrudes into the system in order to gather data like settings of the system, system version, network configuration, and much more.

This threat – a new edition of Trojans’ family – has been identified by Avast antivirus monitoring products. When this malware accesses the users’ computer, it can carry out several activities that can damage the whole system drives within a short span of time.

Some of the Characteristics/ Functional Role of Win32:evo-gen

  • When Win32:evo-gen is executed, it drops various types of files inside Windows folders. Registry is also altered to execute the malware code every time Windows starts.
  • It connects to the server to download more threats or programs, which it installs on your PC.
  • It prevents the installed antivirus program from running.
  • Crime doers use the Trojan scripts for a bunch of illicit activities in order to gain the users’ system by opening a backdoor on the PC.
  • The malware being programmed by the creators with multipurpose capabilities anything like malicious a user could have thought of in order to achieve for what it being voluntarily programmed.
  • It can make modifications to system files, log keystrokes, lead to identity theft, and exploit the “bot” function of the affected PC.

Can a Win32:evo-gen a false positive?

According to the reports, Win32:evo-gen are not necessarily malicious as users might be tricked into using non-malicious programs to unknowingly perform malicious actions – such as downloading malware.

Some of the harmless programs could be having flaws that malware or attackers can exploit to perform malicious activities.

Steps to Remove or Uninstall Win32:evo-gen Virus


    • Download & Install Sushkom Antivirus.

    • Start a Quick scan, full scan or Custom files scan.

    • Soon the scan will start to find Win32:evo-gen malware

    • As virus is detected you will get option to delete the file or quarantine it.
    • Additionally, you may choose Anti-spam control option to protect your device in future. Adjust protection settings for mail and internet browsing for full safety.

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