Most Dangerous Computer Viruses of All time

A virus is a malicious piece of code that most commonly affects the program files or system files within your device. Today users of the Internet need to be extra cautious in handling critical information. Since the Internet is not safe from malice who don’t think twice before stealing information by passing viruses.

Here we would be reading on the major viruses that have caused a stir in the Internet world and we shall also tell about the ways to stay protected.

Love letter: It refers to the worm that was spotted one day in 2000 spring. This virus affects millions of computers around the world and is believed to be one of the most devastating computer viruses to date. This virus uses emails, internet chat systems as well as shared file devices as their mode of transfer. Once infected the computer sends copies of itself involving an executable file attachment; the subject line is “ILOVEYOU“. The mail is sent using the address book entries in the Microsoft Outlook. This virus altered Internet start pages as well as registry keys by overwriting file types.

Klez the Conqueror: The Klez worm was spotted first in October 2001, the same acted like a Trojan horse, virus, as well as worm at different stages the virus was difficult to remove and posed extremely dangerous. It could be used as a tool for the worm’s removal. It also disables anti-virus programs and corrupt files. It spread through open networks and emails.

Melissa virus: Melissa virus came up in March 1999. Corporate networks throughout the world were affected by the Melissa virus. The virus was dangerous and was used to spread to the first 50 names in Microsoft Outlook address book as soon as the email containing virus was opened. The effects were more than other viruses that time since infected mails came from known addresses.

Code Red: Code red is a computer worm that was recognized in July 2001, one of the most well-known viruses to date. The effect of the attack causes damage to billions of dollars. It is a worm, a type of malware that can spread and replicate not only inside of your computer but also to other computers connected to your network. It also infects the Windows Registry of your computer. The main purpose is to remain undetectable, protect other malicious programs it downloads, start-up when the computer boots, and ultimately take full control over your computer.

Zeus: Zeus is a financial malware that has affected about 3.6 million PCs in the USA. This is a threat used by cyber-criminals to flitch the data. Moreover, this malware enters into the user’s computer in the form of fake LinkedIn connection Request. Fake messages as displayed on the user’s computer and if anyone clicks on the link given then a website is opened displaying the message “Please Wait…. 4 seconds” and then the browser is redirected to Google. In this short duration of time, this malware enters into the user’s computer through the corrupted website.

Brain: Brain was released in 1986 and infected the boot sector of primarily floppy disks, storage media, formatted with DOS File Allocation Table (FAT).

Sasser: Sasser worked by connecting to the PC using them via a vulnerable port, scanning random IP addresses, and instructing them to download the virus using a buffer overflow in Windows.

Protection from Viruses

If your computer is infected by malware, remove it as soon as possible. It is recommended to have an updated anti-virus in your Computer. Go for the Sushkom Antivirus as they are the best. Also, keep the Windows Firewall turned on for better protection.

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