What is COM surrogate virus?

COM surrogate is one such process that has the file name “dllhost.exe” running on a Windows PC. COM stands for Component Object Model regarded as one of the interfaces Microsoft introduced back in 1993 that allows developers to create “COM objects” using a variety of different programming language.

The COM surrogate process is not a virus, yet, it is a normal part of Windows. For example, the Trojan.Poweliks malware uses dllhost.exe file to do the illicit work running on your PC and ultimately slowing down your system that could is indicate the COM surrogate process is being mistreated by a virus or other malicious app.

How the COM Surrogate Malware Infiltrate User’s PC?

Trojans or various malware are typically proliferated using spam email campaigns, third party software download sources, and fake software cracks. Spam campaigns are used to send hundreds of thousands emails that contain illusory messages encouraging users to open malicious email attachments. And the malware infiltrate computers and continually install additional malware. Fake software cracks work in an identical manner allowing users to bypass paid software activation free of charge, although criminals often utilize them to proliferate malware ending up infecting their system rather than gaining access to paid features.

Symptoms of COM Surrogate Malware

Trojans are typically designed to cautiously infiltrate the user’s computer and remain silent for longer period of time until and unless the removal process of it is to be initiated. However, no particular symptoms are clearly visible on an infected system.

The circulation of the malware is caused through infected email attachments, malicious online advertisements, software cracks, etc. So it is highly recommended not to open any suspicious email attachments doubtfully labeling the big tech’s name.

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