What is URL.Mal Adware and how to remove it?

URL.Mal is a kind of website that is detected as being malicious by several antivirus programs. The antivirus generally detects such attacks when the users visit some sorts of malicious webpage. If this virus is being encountered, then it is a high probability that the system a user operates could be infected with potentially adware applications (PUAs).

It is also recognized as a potential threat could be resulted in high-risk computer infections. It is normal for users to encounter these types of warnings occasionally – but if frequent warnings, it would indicate the presence of adware-type applications.

Some of the Symptoms of URL.Mal

  • Malicious advertisements that are not originated from the site you visit.
  • Intrusive pop-up ads can be seen on the computer screen while even not doing in opening the browser.
  • Users can notice their internet browsing speed being slowed down.
  • Users might get possible additional malware infections and also get browser tracking privacy issues.

How Can the URL Mal Attack be Avoided?

  • Users should pay close attention when downloading any such program into the computer and opt-out of all kinds of additional programs that are attached to the program or software you wanted to download.
  • Users should avoid third party downloading tool or installers, as developers monetize them by promoting malicious apps.
  • Users need to download any kind of software from legitimate official sources only by using direct download links.

Steps to Remove or Uninstall URL.Mal Adware


    • Download & Install Sushkom Antivirus.

    • Start a Quick scan, full scan or Custom files scan.

    • Soon the scan will start to find URL.Mal Adware

    • As virus is detected you will get option to delete the file or quarantine it.
    • Additionally, you may choose Anti-spam control option to protect your device in future. Adjust protection settings for mail and internet browsing for full safety.

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