License Agreement


ATTENTION! Please carefully study the provisions of this License Agreement before starting your work with SUSHKOM Antivirus software. Pressing the button of agreeing with the text of this License Agreement, you, therefore, accept the terms of this License Agreement by accepting the public offer. If you disagree with terms of this License Agreement, you have to interrupt the installation process immediately.

1.   License Agreement.
This License Agreement (hereinafter - the ‘Agreement’) is concluded between you, a physical person or a legal entity (hereinafter - the ‘User’) and VINKOM SOLUTIONS, the address B 53 Suncity, Sector 54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (hereinafter - the ‘Developer’), the legal owner of the software named ‘SUSHKOM Antivirus’ (hereinafter - the ‘Software’), which is the product of own development of VINKOM SOLUTIONS.
Installation and usage of the Software presume that the User has accepted all provisions of this License Agreement. If the User does not agree with some provisions of this License Agreement or it in general, the User has no right to install, use, and copy the Software.
The User is given the right to use the Software during the period that is provided in the license key, according to the purchased license. The User has the right to install the Software only on that number of computers that are provided by the purchased license and only to protect these computers and information located on them.
Using the Software for other purposes is possible only based on the separate agreement between the User and the Developer on terms that are agreed with the Developer.
This Agreement stipulates the use of the Software with the purpose of protection of computers that belong to legal entities of all legal forms and physical persons.

2.   Copyright.
All tangible and intangible copyright on the Software belongs to the Developer. The Software encapsulates the commercial secret, know-how, and other confidential information, which belongs to the Developer. The Software is protected by the Laws of India and other countries. The User has the right to use the Software only in full accordance with this License Agreement.

3.   User rights.
The Developer grants a number of non-exclusive rights to the User to use the Software:
·     Use the Software according to its direct purpose
·     Receive updates provided by the Developer, patches for the Software and its components
·     Use the services of technical user support of the Software according to the rules of granting such services of technical user support by the Developer.

4.   The User’s rights limitations.
The User does not have a right to:
·     Pass the distro of the Software to other persons or entities. It is allowed only to have 1 installed copy of the Software per every purchased license
·     Change, decompile, decrypt, and do any other actions with the code of the Software with an aim to receive any information on the implemented technologies, algorithms, or their changes
·     Use the Software for the purpose of making a profit.

The Software is not destined for and cannot be used in information systems that serve life support systems, in which malfunction of the Software’s work may endanger life and health of people or cause any damages.
This License Agreement does not give the User any rights for any trademarks or other means of individualization, the rights on the use of which belong to the Developer only.

5.   Limitation of responsibility.
The Software is given AS IS according to the internationally accepted practice. It means that the Developer gives and the User takes the Software in this state, in which it is as of the moment of time, and that the User takes the Software with all its possible advantages, disadvantages, and drawbacks that might have been or have not been yet known at the moment of such transfer of the Software. The Developer does not bear any responsibility for any damage or problems that were caused during and by the exploitation of the Software. The Developer makes everything possible during all possible conscientious actions that depend on him to decrease the risk of occurrence of such problems of technical or other nature but cannot guarantee the full exclusion of such possibility.
The Developer the same is not responsible for any damages, including direct and indirect, that were incurred by the User during the use of the Software.
The User does not obtain any rights for intellectual property that belong to the Developer, cannot partially or fully give or rent the Software to any third party. The rights that were given within this License Agreement can be withdrawn by the Developer from the User if the User violates the provisions of this Agreement.

6.   Terms of usage of separate functions of the Software.
The User is informed and gave his or her full consent that will use the functional component of the Software to pass reports to the Developer about possible errors and malfunctions of the Software. These reports do not contain any personal information or data about the content of the hard drive of the computer, installed software, and user settings. The only information that is passed to the Developer is purposefully aimed at improving the workability of the Software and is completely in line with all requirement of complying with the norms of confidentiality. Its use with the different purpose is categorically excluded.
The User is informed and gave his or her full consent that the Software may require to install and install additional modules during the updates of the Software. These modules will be used exceptionally to broaden up the existing functionality of the Software.

7.   Consent to collect and process the personal data and information about the system and the Software of the User.
All collected information (both private and commercial) is used solely to reach our technical and accountable goals. In separate cases, the collected information can be used to protect the company in court or disclosed under the requirements of law or governmental bodies that are authorized by the law.

8.   Amendments and changes to the Agreement.
This Agreement may be unilaterally changed or amended by the Developer. The Developer is obliged to give its users enough time to make a choice before enabling a new version of the Agreement into legal power: whether users will agree with the changes and amendments or not - and if not, they are obliged to destroy all copies of the Software they have, and all supplementary documentation they have.

9.   Termination of the Agreement.
This Agreement is regulated according to the Indian legislation. The Developer has the right to terminate the action of this Agreement for all users or for a particular User if the User is not following the terms of the Agreement. In this case, the User is obliged to destroy all copies of the Software he or she has, and all supplementary documentation he or she has.
The User has the right to terminate the action of this Agreement from his or her side destroying all copies of the Software he or she has, and all supplementary documentation he or she has.