How to Remove Malware or Viruses on Your PC?

Malware or Viruses are a reality in today’s world. Why cannot you escape them? It is because you (not just you, all of us) cannot reside without going offline. Most of us use the internet for personal or official reasons. Just like you cannot stay away from the internet for numerous reasons, there are malicious or other viruses infections. Hackers in the world know that you will go online to access your emails or search for various things like online databases, favorite music numbers, free online virus scanner, online virus removal service, and many other things. Considering that you need help understanding about a virus, its removal, and effects we have brought a free virus removal guide for you.

Common Symptoms of a Virus or Malware Infection:

Before you start with the virus removal process, you must learn about the symptoms of a virus that has intruded into your device.

  • The device suddenly slows down
  • When System does not shut down or takes longer than usual to shutdown
  • The device restarts itself and continues the same in a loop
  • The device crashes
  • The PC settings change automatically
  • Missing data programs or files
  • Inaccessible disk drives or hard disk
  • Unexpected error messages
  • Some files have double extensions like.gif.exe, .jps.exe, or, jpg.vbs, etc.
  • PC freezes frequently

Support Guide to Remove a Virus from your Device

If you can access your antivirus program, Open it, and run a full virus scan. Wait for the scan to complete as it takes some time to scan. Wait for the scan to finish. When done, prompt your antivirus program to clean up the virus and link infected files that were found during the scan. Select the infected files and hit the Remove the “Selected button”.

If you are unable to open your antivirus program, then launch your PC in Safe Mode with Networking. While your device is starting and before the Windows logo displays, start pressing the F8 key on the keyboard until you see the boot menu. Make your choice using the Down arrow key and pressing the Enter key afterward. When done, check your files and folders whether they exist in your system or have been removed by the virus.

Does Antivirus help?

You should never download the antivirus from malicious websites. Always download from safe and legitimate ones. Never open email attachments from strangers as they may contain malicious viruses that once executed can do enormous harm to your PC.

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